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To shat on someones lawn, for the purposes of their dog shat on yours. Also the strong chance that they are an ignorant bastard who did something to your property.
(Trimmed trees, and left trimming amongst yours)
(Didn't call the city to flag gas lines and electric lines which in turn, made you flee your street, by chance of explosion, which in turn made you spend hundreds of dollars at a store that you so boredly went to in the mishappening)
Damn, that guy who lives next to us was mowing his lawn at 3 in the morning, go shiteth thy neighbor
by Jackthezipper July 27, 2010
A stop sign that for some people is optional. Also depending on its location (i.e., gravel roads)
"Dude you just ran that stop sign, no man thats an opt sign out here in these parts.
by jackthezipper August 31, 2010
If you find an Alfaiaz, you've found gold. They're beautiful, funny, get all the girls, loved by everyone, trustworthy, they're good at everything they do and are just straight perfect.
"Hey are you an Alfaiaz?"
" yes why"
" cos you're perfect "
by JackTheZipper October 13, 2013

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