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People of any age that identify with a subculture that is not necessarily crust punk, hippie, dirty kids or punk. They travel in groups and all look alike and look like hippies, dirty kids or your usual homeless person. The do not bath, so hair usually mats, don't work, so dumpster food, or beg for scraps and doggie bags.

They are from Middle to well-to-do families which allows them to carry on the homeless gig late into life.

Some claim to be anti-government which would not make sense if it were true because they all dumpster in mainstream merican places and participate in American Culture in every way EXCEPT bathing and working.

They are very snobbish, only clinging to those within their clique.

Most of the women tend to drink alot and have pot-bellies, the other beautiful women are usually seen with hideous, rotten-toothed men.
The crusties have invaded New Orleans, LA and should go home to their parents soon - your parents have a house, car, and lots of land waiting for you!
by Jackson Star February 24, 2009

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