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(v.) to act like an ultimate sketchball/skeemer. Typically refers to a dirty human being, both literally and theoretically, who thinks that they are big and good at gaming. This act is looked down upon by all, and we all have experienced a friend who has bmanning'd us before. Additionally most people that practice the act of bmanning usually suck down marb reds when they wake up in the later hours of the afternoon. To tell if someone is committing the act of bmanning, here are some helpful clues to look for. 1) Putting the butts of cigarettes in/on the remains of their 4PM breakfast. 2) Gaming at bizarre hours of the day/night. 3) Crashing of their car who they may or may not have given a nickname to, and the incident being his/her fault. Lastly, 4) Most people that practice bmanning have jew like qualities and practice sub par hygiene techniques.
(Person A) Hey man how was your weekend?
(Person B) Straight, beat some faggot up at Uconn after I made fun of his flip flops and told his girlfriend shes beat.
(Person A) Damn dude, you were bmanning crucial to that herb.
by Jackson Mead February 28, 2010

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