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VPL. When a dude is freeballin in basketball shorts, speedos, running shorts, briefs, or boxer briefs so that his package shows--especially if you can see the outline of his corona.
Chad was just wearing white boxers at the pool party. When he got out he had a huge vpl (visible penis line).
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
A committed nudie who hangs out at hotsprings, burning man, nude beaches, clothing optional clubs etc. who sometimes wears just a t-shirt while his junk is flopping around for all the world to appreciate.
After getting a sunburn on my back, I just went as a shirtcocker the rest of the day.
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
A guy who likes to do the nude, especially at parties or hangin it with his buds.
Pete and them got drunk and did nudie races down the hall last night.
by Jackson 5 August 29, 2006
What nudies do. Hangin out with their buds buck ass naked.
Jenny was having a good time til the boys got ass naked. After she left we were just hangin it and playing x-box.
by Jackson 5 August 29, 2006
Also known as a Locker Room Cock (LRC)), a show-er is a penis that remains large and especially long when it isn't hard, the opposite of which is a grow-er, which shrinks to a much smaller size when sportin a softy.

A show-er is often the envy of the locker room and nude beach.
Jason: Damn, did you see that? That guy in the showers--his dick was huge!
Jack: Whatever. He's probably just a show-er.
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
a.k.a. Shower King. The dude in the gang showers, locker room or on the team with the hugest locker room cock (LRC).
Dude, u think ur the Sausage King but we can all see you got a semi going on there.
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
Freeballin. When a guy goes without underwear in shorts that show his vpl (visible penis line) or his dick is visibly flopping around. It's especially common among jocks at the gym, or when playing basketball or volleyball.
Poof: Damn, all those boys are free swingin!
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006

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