25 definitions by Jackson

when semen is sent into the mouth during oral sex and comes out the nose
i got flinkalled last night - it felt sooo weird
by jackson March 06, 2004
An annoying white bird with a bill that enjoys saying "Aflac."
Some Guy: I need "that" insurance."
Other Guy: What insurance?
by jackson May 25, 2004
When having anal sex, you slap them in the face, cum in their ear and mix it with the wax hence creating banana cream pie. then you take a dump in their mouth, forcing them to eat the before mentioned "banana cream pie"
That banana cream pie left me dazed for weeks.
by Jackson March 30, 2005
distracting people so you can play with yourself in public
raymond used a fire alarm as a hanky panky so no one would notice his masturbation
by jackson February 26, 2005
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