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A horny way to call ur boifriend while having sex
Ay papi damelo mas duro
by jacko March 29, 2005
Those lines of muscles that are found only on men and in place of hips on women. Especially common on thin and lanky kids and when followed lead to nothing other than the penis.
"I can't help wanting to touch him when I see those sexy penis lines."
by Jacko September 09, 2003
Usually a girl tellin a guy while having sex to give it to her harder
Ay papi damelo mas duro!!!
by jacko March 29, 2005
Particularly baggy vaginal outer lips.
" She had a clout like a wizards cuff!"
by Jacko February 26, 2004
An untidy vagina. The name is derived from the steggles brand of chicken. It occurs when the labia minora/majora of the vagina hang down like the comb of a chicken/rooster, hence steggles.
Jocko: "Went down on this chick last night, wasn't pretty bro....."
Jacko: "Fuckin steggles bro?"
Jocko: "Word"
by Jacko December 21, 2004
Shortened form of as-if, used by those who find 'sif' to be a travesty of english. I mean really, " 'sif " would be alright, but sif, nah, while your killing the language, at least make it Phonetic.
zif you'd spell zif with an 's'
by Jacko November 29, 2003
the multi-coloured fungus that appears around the rim of the japs-eye of the penis,and maybe further if left untreated.
jesus christ dude i had to go to the doctors yesterday 2 get a lump of dickscum cut away from my japs-eye!!!! it fuckin wrecked dude!!!
by jacko April 16, 2005

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