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Rolling Around Laughing Furiously
OMG! RALF! That was awesome!
#rofl #lol #lawl #w00t #laf
by JaCkNiFe June 26, 2007
A person who is acting untowardly or selfish towards his or her comrades or associates.
Word origonates from the bollywood movie "Masti" starring Ajay Devgan as fictional character, captain Sikander. The captain claims there are three things in life that stay crooked:
1) Neighbouring countries intentions
2) A dogs tail
3) A neck wrung by captain Sikander
"Stop being such a sikander and give back my cd!"
"Phil was acting like a sikander, refusing to give me a piece of chocolate."
#antonym: selfless #synonyms: greedy #self centered #venal #egotistical
by Jacknife June 14, 2007
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