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To purposely change, alter, or remove and replace and object and feign its originality in order to keep or steal the "real" object.
Well Me and Joe have the same model of wireless phone. I broke my phone last weekend. So Wensday at work I pulled a Texas Switch with Joe and my SIM cards. MY PHONE WORKS NOW!
by Jacklemen Hearse July 21, 2008
Usually a reference to a person or animal that is totally worthless. The phrase exhibits all the thing does is shit and piss.
Tommy lost another fucking job last week. That guy is a shit and piss factory.
by Jacklemen Hearse September 03, 2008
Referencing a personal bank account, the account holder will write a check knowing there is no money in the account in the hopes that by the time the check reaches the bank there will be money in the account. This system can also apply to cashing a check from an account and then depositing some of the cash in the same account in order to cover a previously written hot check. And repeating this process several times until the account holders gets paid.
POKER TABLE - Kiting someones checks means borrowing or taking chips from another player in order to play.
Jesus, I've been check kiting for three days. I need to hurry up and get paid.

After Tommy busted out of the game he kited like 2 dimes in checks from me to keep playing. He won it all back and then some!
by Jacklemen Hearse July 21, 2008
US Army term for someone who has not completed a task or object but indeed has a legitimate reason for not paricipating.
Do I have an alibi firers?

Hey Sergeant, Pvt. Smith still needs to go to that transportation class. He's an alibi firer.
by Jacklemen Hearse July 21, 2008

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