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There are many different types of scene.

Usually meant to describe a new fashion rise, or a new type of social group.
There is :The Punk Scene, The New Scene, The Hardcore Scene, The Metal Scene, The Emo Scene, The Preppy Scene, The Art Scene, The Nerd Scene, The Jock Scene and so on and so forth.
The so called 'scene kids' that usually come to your mind when you hear the name are actually the 'new' scene kids.
They are the ones who tend to have very outrageous hair and clothes.
I happen to like dinos and this does not make me scene.
Scene is a word associated with every social clique.
As in all groups of people there are good ones and bad ones.
This 'New' scene is no exception, however that does not mean that you have to osctirsize and hate them.
The reason these 'New' Scene kids are called scene kids is because there really isnt another name to describe them because they seem to be a mixture of all previous scene's in the decades previous.
A scene is also something in a play.
A scene is associated with every group of people.
by JackieLynnn July 10, 2008

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