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2 definitions by Jackie T

Short for Catherine, or Katherine.

Empress of Russia.

The Egyptain goddess of CATS.

And currently the BFFizzle of Jacqueline. Not JacKLYN, you assholes.

Also a city in Alabama, zip code 36728.
Katie and Jackie BFFF FO LYFFF!!!!
by Jackie T June 24, 2006
32 116
When a guy puts his finger(s) inside a girl's vagina and slides it up and down, thinking the girl enjoys it, when in reality it often hurts, and you should just let the girl hump you. It will save you the effort and make her cum a lot faster.
Man: "oh baby you are so hot...*insert fingers*
female: "Ouch, fingering hurts me. I'll show you what I really like" *Climbs on top and grinds vagina into dick*
by Jackie T April 11, 2008
160 264