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2 definitions by Jackie Peppers

Palinvision - the incredible ability to physically see beyond your own continent; first recognized by the 2008 vice-presidential candiate.
1. When I was in France my boss called me from N.Y. and with his palinvision said, “…put some underpants on…”

2. You don’t need palinvision to trim your merkin.
by Jackie Peppers May 15, 2010
A weinervitter is a compound oxymoron word, with the first part, weiner, suggesting it is unethical to engage in imaginary cybersex, while the second part vitter, meaning it is acceptable for an individual to participate in physical sexual contact with compensated prostitutes and risking STD.
A weinervitter occurs in congress about 50% of the time. One congressman I know has a weinervitter tan. Most southern gentlemen have weinervitter sex in semiprivate locations.
by Jackie Peppers June 10, 2011