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People call Good charlotte posers, and whinners. They are not posers. No one just knows how to accept them. You dont HAVE to be either, punk or emo or something. Theres something called being yourself. And Good charlotte is there own thing. And they don't really care if you cry about how there posers becasue you can't even judge Good charlotte and they know that, and good charloote even sadi themselves, that only God can judge them. So wahhh? YOU think there posers. And people also say that they always complain about how sad and tragic there life is. Well, you obviosly dont know what they've been through. There dad left them when they were like 15. (on chritmas!) and they were so poor and they even had to live in a neighbors shed in the baackyard for a while. They were so poor and no one liked them becasue they weren't rich and beautiful and all that. And sure i'll admit it, joel madden isnt the best singer, but the music they have written is amazing and so are they, and i still can not believe what they've been through. And every song is like them crying becasue they were scarred so badly from there dad leaving them and from everything they've been through. If you had gone through all that crap, I'd like to see how YOU handled it.
Good Charlotte deserves EVERYTHING they have, and i love them for that!
by Jackie Madden May 14, 2007

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