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Something that is fantastic, awesome, and especially extreme can be said to be "off the chain".
"I can't believe Joe got with three chicks that night, that is off the chain!"
by Jackage September 28, 2006
An alternative to the word "shit" used for when you mess up, but only so mildy that you cause no major harm. Best said in very faggy voice.
Jim: "Hey Gary, is that toast burning?"
Gary: "Oh, shit shity shish kabob.
by Jackage September 30, 2006
This word can be used as a wildcard in just about any given context. This word means nothing and everything at the same time, and as such its definition is flexible and dependant on the situation. Its definition is derived from the context in which it is used.
1. "Look at those sly looking teenagers hanging around the train station, what a bunch of Smurfyspundants"

2. "Did you see the size of the rack on that chick back there, those breasts where so Smurfyspundant"

3. "Man, I could so suck on that chicks Smurfyspundants"
by Jackage September 30, 2006

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