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Apparently the most realistic FPS game to date. The boys over at Crytech have proven how much of nerds they are by making a video game that hardly runs on normal pcs.
guy 1: Dude should i get crysis?
guy 2: hells yeah if you can run the damn thing.

i recently got this new computer: froged in the fire of mount doom, crafted by the proud Jedi of star wars, and it still have problems running crysis.

Crysis is designed for computers...From SPACE

Crysis is from crytech and uses the cry-engin, which also runs Farcry, Farcry 2, and Jesus Cry-st Superstar
by JackInTheCloset February 02, 2009
Orgy can be define both casually and sexually.

a mesh of things together, causing the idea of undistinguishable mess

a rape fest with more than 4 partners. usually the suject will be doing oral, anal, vaginal, or all three at the same time. Like above, it's a mesh of things undistingushable.
person 1:dude! check out these cheesus!
person 2:(puts cheesus in mouth)OMG I HAZ AN ORGY OF CHEESUS IN MY MOUTH
person 1:Word bro! word!

girl: hey nice spanking at last night's orgy party
guy: hells yeah, i spanked that Lucy's ass like a drum.
girl:Lucy? that was Tom from year 2!
guy:....i aint going to another orgy again.
by JackInTheCloset February 02, 2009

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