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Another way of saying, "Hello. I've got nothing to talk about and I need some meltertainment. So what's up? By the way, did you see that psycho bitch on the second floor? Oh, what I would do to her!"
Drew: what?
Matt: Yeah, I know what you mean!
by Jack-O June 06, 2006
This is an expression used by a pussy when he and his friends get involved in a fight. The person who uses this expression generally looks for a weak person from the other side who agrees with this pussy sentiment so they can watch the fight in bliss while their friend gets ganged up on and kicked while he is down.
Julie: "You asshole! You could have hurt someone with that bottle!"
Sean (Julie's boyfriend): <Runs away to woods>
Drew: "We're all friends here..." <picks another pussy to hang out with and watch the fight>
Matt: LOL <gets his ass kicked, literally, by two of the guys on the other side>
by Jack-O June 13, 2006

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