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"An Emcee So Ill I Got Aids Scared To Catch Me..." Enough Said
Philosopher who has taken hip hop to new heights. A necessity to this urban culture, known as "Underground Hip Hop"
by Jack The Ripper December 28, 2004
When ejaculate bursts from a person and lands upon the interior surface of ones athletic shoe or sneaker.
Ryan went to put on his shoes and realized he had been a victim of a Sloppy Marathon.
by jack the ripper February 15, 2012
LJ user who wears a cowboy hat, also known to run by various aliases including "guy in the cowboy hat"
Look! There's simplemadness! Hey, and there is simplemadness's Cowboy hat.

Yes, thats him, the guy in the cowboy hat!
by Jack the ripper May 03, 2004

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