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1. A place in NY
2. Full of kids that have too much money and time with no parental supervision. Mass drug and alcohol use to the point where the school should just be held at rehab.
Saratoga? Oh your a toga toker.
#drug abuse #sex #sluts #alcoholics #horses
by Jack of all Trades October 14, 2005
When a female has an uncontrollable passion for seeking out and then copulating with redheaded men. Her longing for the "ginger rod" cannot be tamed. Redheaded men beware, she'll jump your bones the first chance she gets.
Sean: Dude, how did you get laid last night, everyone fucking hates gingers.

Jake: I'm not sure, she was like a dog in heat when I told her I was a natural ginger.

Sean: She must have been in ginglust.
#ginger #redhead #gingcest #redhead-o-phile #daywalker
by Jack of All Trades April 06, 2013
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