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Love You Like A Homie
1: g2g
2: ok see ya
1: lylah
by Jack of Blades December 11, 2005
best and most feared sword in the game known as Fable, if you have it you have the greatest power in all of Albion
In order to get the Sword of Aeons you must defeat Jack of Blades and kill your sister (do it).
by Jack of Blades May 31, 2005
a breed of dog a pomeranian and poodle
My dog is a black pomapoo.
by Jack of Blades May 30, 2005
an album by Ozzy Osbourne
Paranoid is on the album Tribute by Ozzy.
by Jack of Blades May 23, 2005
to deny someone or something
I'm going to jip his goal.
by Jack of Blades May 16, 2005
final boss on the game known as Fable
Holy crap! Maze is harder than Jack of Blades.
by Jack of Blades May 31, 2005

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