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A direct imperative given at a time of great dismay. Usually said to an enemy or foe. Can be modified into a question. Ex. Why don't you smoke my cock?
While waiting in line some guy asked me to move so he could let his friends cut in. I told him to go smoke my cock.
by Jack Beats Nimble January 28, 2010
A variation of the phrase "smoke my cock".

1. A phrase used to express extreme disgust

2. Something a whore likes to do for under 20 bucks.

3. Something you should be doing if you're a complete asshole.
If my boss thinks I'm going to clean up his shit he can smoke my fuckin' meat.

That bitch smokes the meat for a free meal.

You guys are total dicks so go ahead and smoke my meat.
by Jack beats Nimble January 31, 2010
1. The ultimate punk-ass motherfucker that you could ever know.

2. The pinnacle of all assholes.
person1: There's that guy at work that's always up the boss's asshole. Keep on walking faggot.

person2: Oh, yeah. Mr. Chief Cocksmoke. That guy is a fuckin' complete douchebag. If I ever catch him staring at me again while I'm at work I'll beat his fucking ass.
by Jack beats Nimble January 31, 2010
1. The act of multiple male ejaculations.
2. The multiple male orgasm. 3.Busting multiple nuts simultaneously.
1. I just finished bustin' loads all over your wife's ass. She loved it.

2. I was bustin' loads in your momma's mouth and she swallowed all the skeeter that I had.
by Jack Beats Nimble March 21, 2010
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