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A small town in the center of the state of Wisconsin, known to its residents, especially those in high school for having almost freaking nothing to offer. a town of approximately 18000 residents and quite possibly the redest city in the whole state (most of the adults in this city voted for george bush, and the high school students arent much better) the high school office provides approved absence forms specifically tailored for student who will be missing a week of school for deer hunting season, and the high school has an umbelievable population of wiggers who have all think they're hott shit, but they're packin nothin; and goths who have been known to make drug transactions in the hallways, other than that though, it has one of the highest pass rates on AP tests in the state and is known for turning out a ton of UW Madison students, so it has its ups and downs, the town is incredibly boring though
Kid 1: "what do you what to do tonight man?"
Kid 2: "um, lets go get drunk, theres nothing else to do in this city"
Kid 1: "yeah, marshfield is so boring, geting smashed sounds good to me"
by Jack Washington May 03, 2006

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