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A nicer way to say I don't give a shit on public forums where children go. It's ironic because the only reason to say this is if you actually give a shit about who reads it.
Person #1: Did you know that Justin Beiber was here yesterday?!?! :D
Person #2: Seriously, I don't give a lol.
#lol #i don't give a shit #i don't give a fuck #who the fuck cares #fudge
by Jack Vangorr January 12, 2013
A really awesome guy who is quiet and thinks of things in a scientific viewpoint. He is awesome at robotics!
Nicodemo took the fun out of rainbows by explaining how they work.
#nickodemo #nicademo #nikadamo #nickedomo #tommaso
by Jack Vangorr January 12, 2013
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