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a top performer in the WWE who recently passed away. Held many tiles including the WWE Title, WWE Tag Titles, WWE US Title, WWE IC Title, WWE European Title, WCW US Title, WCW Cruiserweight Title, ECW TV Title to name a few. Great technical wrestler but could also 'fly' when needed to. Finisher is the Frog Splash which was used to remember his deceased tag partner Art Barr. Overcame drug addiction and alcoholism to rise to the top of the mountain in the WWE. Entertained many WWE fans by lying, cheating and stealing his way to victory. celebrated being 4 years sober on Saturday 12th November 2005. Died Sunday 13th November 2005 due to a heart failure. WIll be greatly missed by every wrestling fan.

RIP Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005
NashMark doesn't know what he's talking about calling Eddie a Vanilla Midget, unlike Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero could have a decent match with anyone.
by Jack Thornley November 16, 2005

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