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Phoar look at the set of Bristols on her
by Jack T May 07, 2003
When a man has sex with someone from behind implying anal sex, although it can also mean regular sex Doggy Style.
I bust in on them and there he was hanging out the back of her.

Dave: Crikey mate look at that piece over there
Alan: Golly Gosh I'd love to hang out the back of that!
by Jack T August 30, 2005
Female bredrin (sister) or buddy
Easy now sistrin hows tings?
by Jack T May 07, 2003
A womens labia aka piss flaps/beef curtains etc
I got down there and she had bomb doors like a battered hercules
by Jack T August 30, 2005
A phrase to describe what people talk under the influence of drugs
My God that boy is talking a lot of cod
by Jack T May 07, 2003
A female's vagina - dergogatory
Get your goit out for the lads
by Jack T August 30, 2005

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