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5 definitions by Jack Spencer

adj: That which contains properties or components of being highly crunchy
by jack spencer October 05, 2003
26 9
Refers to the authority gaining moustache worn by a political figure of importance.

I am where I am today due to zee power, zee power of mine pollistosh.(Stalin 1944)
by Jack Spencer May 17, 2006
1 0
Highly awesome, tubular on a level man was not meant to understand
"Man, School of Rock was so bajangin', I spent the rest of the night reveling in its bajangitude!"
by jack spencer October 05, 2003
2 3
An expression of anger; a self-censoring word to replace "fuck"
That mother funches funchnut! I funchin' told him to get the funches out here lest I funch him up!
by jack spencer December 13, 2003
2 4
when a woman takes male hormones, her clitoris can grow to be up to 4 inches long. the genetalia is now referred to as a "vagenis"
Holy Vajesus, that Vagenis is Vagenius!
by jack spencer October 05, 2003
15 25