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2 definitions by Jack Silverberg

a jewish douche bag . Primarily referring to that uncle and/or any other family member who berates you for being a young modern jew in today's world, usually this person is a hypocrite and is downright obnoxious. the yenta for te modern male jew.
"Man, have you met Misha's uncle?"
"Yeah, dude, he's such a jewsh bag"
by Jack Silverberg November 10, 2007
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(adj) how one feels when they aren't at their personal best: not wearing make up, feeling pretty crappy, dressed sloppily, etc. Originally Cary Grant's actual name, where feeling like Cary Grant would be being at your best.
Man, Roger, you are looking down in the dumps.

Yeah Blake, I'm feeling pretty Archie Leach today.
by Jack Silverberg November 12, 2007
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