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5 definitions by Jack Schumacher

A high school in concord, CA where the football team didn't lose for a stretch from 1991-2004. They created pros like Amani Toomer and DJ Williams.
Hey, did you hear? De La Salle sucks all of a sudden.
by Jack Schumacher October 06, 2004
128 71
1. The product of southern baptist christians trying to get other people to parent their children.
2. The product of minority groups that protest a musician's album that says something bad about their group, while using the 1st amendment as the reason they can protest it.
Censorship? More like censor****!
by Jack Schumacher October 06, 2004
57 43
To accuse someone with a vengeance. Usually added at the end of an accusation for comedic values.
"We all KNOW you took the cookie from the cookie jar. Shacuse!"
by Jack Schumacher October 08, 2004
8 2
A smallish city in Northern California semi-famous for its high-security prison.
Where the hell is Vacaville?
by Jack Schumacher October 06, 2004
44 63
A small town in the Bay Area of California, closish to Sacramento. Everyone always hears about it in weather reports, but nobody actually cares where it is.
Guy 1: I live in Lodi.
Guy 2: Where the hell is that?
Guy 1: It's by Brentwood.
Guy 2: Where the hell is Brentwood?
by Jack Schumacher January 03, 2005
33 79