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A Ginger Prince is a phrase commonly used to describe a friend in social circles who has ginger hair but however is not a Prince. The irony in the phrase comes from the recipient of said phrase being not of royal extract but definitely being Ginger.

The origins of the phrase come from the UK. Prince Harry of Windsor is the second son to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and the late Princess Diana. Prince Harry unlike his brother has Ginger Hair and has been known by the media and press as the ‘Ginger Prince’.

The common use of the phrase ‘Ginger Prince’ used to describe a friend who has Ginger Hair caught on in the UK after this use by the press of the term. The phrase is now common across the UK and is deemed more affectionate and ironic than derogatory.

Person 1: Where’s Micky T?
Person 2: Who? You mean the Ginger Prince?! He’ll be here for Lasties fella.

(Common context of the use of the phrase)
by Jack Roseby April 12, 2008
A ‘Christian Turk’ is a phrase used to explain a highly unlikely event occurring – for instance that of someone born in Turkey being Christian.

Since up to 98 percent of the population are Muslims, Christians are obviously a minority religion in Turkey. Because it is a secular country, the only Muslim country in the world that has no state religion, the Constitution guarantees religious freedom, and tolerance is the rule. The population includes members of the Armenian Apostolic and Greek Orthodox churches, Roman and Eastern Catholics, and Jews. Today, approximately 120,000 Christians and 26,000 Jews live in Turkey, out of 73 million of the total population.

In western culture the phrase Christian Turk is used when you know the chances of something happening are slim.

For instance: 1) Winning the Lottery, 2) Hitting a Bulls Eye in Darts, 3) Scoring 3 points in Basketball for an amateur.

There is a 0.1% chance of being a Christian in Turkey, hence if you won the lottery you would be called a Christian Turk.
Person 1: Has he got a round of drinks in yet?
Person 2: Of course not, fat chance of that happening - he's like a Christian Turk!
by Jack Roseby April 04, 2008
A name used to describe a male who cannot keep his hands to himself. God gave the male 2 hands, however at times it can feel that they have 8 hands. Hence the phrase Octopussy. The phrase is commonly used in Scotland more than anywhere else. Urban history suggests the phrase originates from Lap Dancing Bars in Edinburgh.
Person 1: That guy was a real sleaze he had his hands all over me, it was like he had 8!
Person 2: He sounds like an Octopussy hun!
by Jack Roseby April 12, 2008
To be Turked or also commonly known as being 'Turkey'd'. This phrase is common in the North West of England, specifically Manchester.

The phrase originates from the city's Bar} culture where a group of people, typically male work colleagues enter into purchasing alcoholic beverages on a round basis. each member of the group purchases a drink for each member of the party.

Being 'Turked' is where one member of the party consciously avoids entering into this practice and somehow consistently manages to avoid entering into payment for both their own drinks and those of the other members. This act is known as being Turked or the derivative Turkey’d
Drinker 1: Howcome I came out with £50, only had 5 drinks and now have no money left?
Drinker 2: Someone is doing a 'Turk' fella, you've been Turked!
by Jack Roseby April 04, 2008

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