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Wind expelled from the front bottom when a male/female face is within the pubic region.
wendy:come over here and kneel down i've got a vaginal belch!
billy: HHMMM smells fishy...
by Jack Richardson May 27, 2008
This is when a woman gets a rather disgusting fungal growth or infection on her vaginal region.
A man orders a hooker. The Whore enters the room. 1 hour later.....

Man: Oh my god you sick Whore, you've got a vaginal fungus.

Woman: Ohhhh its grown!
by Jack Richardson July 11, 2008
a man/woman who enjoys munching on a fat mans penis, in this case the penis is as long as it is wide.
man: "hey honey fancy a suck on the circular sausage?"

woman: "only if i can have some cream with it"

man2:Wow that woman is a choad chomper.
by Jack Richardson May 28, 2008

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