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Another nickname for the city of louisville kentucky, as it is full of coons. also referred to as "Loserville", "Lousyville" and "Niggertrash Querrfilled city of Louisville"
Man 1: hey do you guys wanna go to lexington or louisville?

man 2: i surely do hate mexington, but i'd rather go there than to Coontucky
by Jack Rahowa December 16, 2008
the area of town where all the niggers(coons) live
jason: hey lets go to over the rhine

jay: fuck that, i'm not going to coonville
by Jack Rahowa November 19, 2008
Powder Coon is another way to say wigger. Also known as ERICs(extreme racial identity crisis). There are many variations of the powder coon. most notable are super pant sagging wiggers from the south such as texas or coontucky. Most are secretly, sometimes not so secretly, homosexual. always hoping to take a greasy radiator hose to the mouth. the most famous powder coon is Riff Raff, aka Jody Highroller. Most of these assholes should perish right away, although they will not. they will all survive into their fifties hoping to inherit the throne of King Wigger.
have you heard the new Riff Raff song?

fuck that powder coon, fuck his heart beat, fuck his lungs, fuck his existence.
by Jack RaHoWa January 28, 2014
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