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A older woman who has no biological children of her own. Usually single but may have androgynous male/female life partner. Typically these women own 1-3 cats but sometimes many more, and treat them as if they were their own human spawn. Many times these unique individuals can be seen attempting to walk their cats on leashes, attending cat adoption fairs, and parked sideways in the middle of 3 lanes chasing a stray cat across the freeway.
Jane: Oh look there's a homeless woman!

Jim: No honey, that's just one of those creepy cat mommies. Look see how she's got a leash on her cat?

Jane: Oh wow, now I see it! That is creepy and awesome at the same time. I've actually never seen a Cat Mommy ever before!

Jim: Here, go pose with her and I'll take a picture!
by Jack Murphy April 27, 2008
The male gender equivalent of a Cat Mommy. An older gentleman who prefers the company of cats specifically to the point of treating them as if they were his own human children. Many Cat Daddies own 3 or more cats. They are infamously known to wear many garments with screen printed cat themed jokes or images adorning them.
Chris: Oh great, there goes Dave with another cat themed sweater on.

John: What does it say?

Chris: "I Don't Do Mornings" and it's a picture of a cat with curlers in it's hair and it looks like it just woke up.

John: Awesome. That is one dedicated Cat Daddy.
by Jack Murphy April 27, 2008

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