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Good joke to pull on some of your friends that are to slow to pick up on it.
Jack:Hey man do you like Wendy's?
Friend: Yeah(95% of the time they will say that cause who the hell would think of that anyway)
Jack: So you like when Dees Nuts hit your chin.
by Jack Mehoff February 14, 2005
When you are getting head and you turn the person around and start anally fucking them. Then you pull back on their hair and ride them like a bull.
Logan turned around and began to give Mike an angry bull, and then realized that Mike was gay, and so was he.
by Jack Mehoff March 15, 2005
use nacho cheese as lubrication
all the people in the world cheesed Logan extremely hard in the ass
by Jack Mehoff March 17, 2005
the white forskin (turtle neck) on your penis.
hold on let me unzip
by jack mehoff July 13, 2004
slang for african american, especially one with bad hygiene. Derived from the joke:
"why don't sharks eat african americans?"
"because they think it is whale shit"
-What is that awful smell?
-Just some stupid whale shit. I hate whale shit, they just stink up the world
by Jack Mehoff October 24, 2004
when you whack off and you stop right before the jiz comes out and you wait. You dick gets cold and your nuts shrivel up. Then you smack it and everything comes out.
Your gay and I'm going to cold turkey you in your eye.
by Jack Mehoff March 11, 2005
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