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Shouted when leaving somewhere to go elsewhere or when accelerating a car.

Best shouted in an upper class Englishman accent.
Dude 1: To the pub!

Dude 2: Tally-fucking-ho!
by Jack McManus October 03, 2006
An individual in a clan within an online video game. Usually have little in the way of a life. Often known to use words such as nooband owned. Also known to use zero's for o's, p's for o's and 3's for e's.
Clan fag: I am so gonna pwn your ass n00b!
Normal person: What in god's name are you talking about?
Clan fag: WTF? FU l00z3r!!!
*Normal person kills Clan fag*
Clan fag: WTF??? hakorz!!! Uber n00b!!!!
by Jack McManus December 02, 2005
The act of accelerating a less-than stylish car. Usually after being stuck behind a taxi/bus/tractor etc...

Must be said in a bad 1950's sci-fi voice.
Dude 1: "Finally, that fucking taxi is gone!"

Dude 2: "Rocket through the cosmos!"
by Jack McManus October 03, 2006
All-purpose insult based on the "out-of-context racial slur" theory.

Combining the words Jew and Semite one may use this to describe someone whose retardedness is far too great to warrant a normal insult.

(Note, the humour of using Jewite is derived from the fact that the recipient of the insult is not of the Jewish faith, the term is in no way meant to be racist. Cos that's just not cool.)
Dude 1: *Spills beer over keyboard*

Dude 2: "Clean that up you fucking jewite."
by Jack McManus October 03, 2006

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