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4 definitions by Jack McFarlane

The slang and the use of slang by a certain person or group of persons. Can be used in a posative or negative manner depending on the assessement of it quality in wit, humour, and mannerism. Scottish in orgin.
"That guys patter wis puremagic"
"That guys patter wis pure crap."
by Jack McFarlane April 27, 2007
134 25
A man / boy who, upon hearing you tell of an achievement or tale, will always claim to have done the same but bigger, better, or faster than you.
"I built this huge joint last night. We used almost a whole pack of papers!"
"oh yeah, well i built one, like, last year. At, like, my cousins house, who you don't know, and we used, like, two packs of papers!"
"Yeah. Sure thing, Mr Three Balls."
by Jack McFarlane May 01, 2007
18 3
A derogitory comment towards the quality of another persons patter. Refers to the unremarkable, see-through, thin and tastesless aspects of a persons patter. Scottish in origin.
"Dude, you're boring the baws aff e me. Your patter's like water."
by Jack McFarlane April 27, 2007
13 2
To be extremely disapointed, sad, or dispondent. Scottish in origin.
"I was really looking forward to a smoke when I realised I'd left my last joint at home. I was totally Skunurd."
by Jack McFarlane April 27, 2007
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