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A Zen term meaning no aim, no gain. Mushotoku is a philosophy of life, a way of living in which you act without wanting to achieve a result, and give without wanting something in return.
"Can I buy you a drink"
"Are you trying to pick me up?"
"No, not at all ... it's just mushotoku."
by Jack Martin Leith March 13, 2008
A term coined by the American physician Alice Bunker Stockham (1833-1912) for non-religious spiritual sexual practices that draw upon tantric techniques of body control but do not involve any of tantra's cultural or iconographic symbolism. The goal of Karezza is to enable the man to actually separate orgasm from ejaculation, being able to experience one without the other. The Latin name for Karezza is coitus reservatus. Karezza practiced by a man alone is usually referred to as tantric masturbation or edging.
Lucy and I spent the evening doing karezza. She came three times and I eventually ejaculated after 90 minutes.
by Jack Martin Leith February 01, 2008
Refers to an event or activity that takes place in both the virtual world and the real world. Term possibly coined by Adam Pasick, a.k.a. Adam Reuters, Reuters' bureau chief in Second Life.
I'm conducting mixed-reality interviews at events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos.
by Jack Martin Leith February 26, 2007
A game for two (or more) people in which one person reveals his or her erotic wishes, and the other person fulfils them. Next time round the roles are reversed.
Fancy coming back to my place to play hoochie-coochie?
by Jack Martin Leith March 26, 2007

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