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A game where players run around holding "guns" that look a lot more like garden hose attachments. These "guns" are known for being extremely inaccurate, as opposed to those in airsoft. Players deem themselves "manly" or "cool" by grinning and guffawing at the collection of bruises and other injuries they sustain from the "sport." Most participants play because they enjoy having fluid splashed and squirted all over them. It is mostly played by rich, brainless adolescents who find that the "tactics" they learn have little to no application outside the sport. The most extreme players usually wear matching jumpsuits and what appear to be either Motocross or Master Cheif helmets. Both of which are often referred to as being gay.

It is a requirement for all organized paintballing that all players (or "ballers" as they call themselves, which also has a gay connotation) be of the white breed of human. Participants are routinely checked during a game to make sure they are of white descent. In an attempt to "cover their asses," most "ballers" insist that it can be played by people of all races. Indeed, this is completely untrue.

Paintball players include lacrosse players and most of those snowboarders you see who are really bad.
by Jack Learson October 12, 2006

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