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It's meant to be the longest word in the dictionary. It was made famous on the musical and film, 'Mary Poppins' but nobody really knew what it actually meant or if it meant anything at all after hearing it from there.
The word actually means 'Atoning for educatability through delicate beauty'. That means beauty making for the lack of brain in a person. Hang on, isn't 'if your pretty, you don't have to be smart' a really bad message to put into a childrens musical? Hmmm...
supercalafragilisticexpialadocious, a long word, a famous song name and a terrible message to it if you know what it means.
by Jack Langley February 21, 2008
Whats the time is an English codeword originating from Yorkshire that is really bad swearing at people you know you can't swear at.
Ever had an irritating person bugging you and you can't say anything back to them (your boss, your girl/boyfriends best mate etc)? Simply say 'whats the time?' to them and replace those three words in your head with what you really want to say to them for instant stress releif.
Boss: I've accidentally deleted the reports you made for the last months income. You'll have to write them up again for me.
You: Whats the time?
You(what your really saying): I hope you fall off a bridge and die you son of a bitch!
by Jack Langley February 04, 2008
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