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1.School (skule)noun

School is a (poorly funded, on the contrary to taxation) government institution that all persons the age of 4-18 are required to go by law. Some of the many "usefull" subjects taught in school include 'the reproductive system of the inch worm', 'the population density of Czechoslovakia', the 'person per car ratio of south africa' etc.
By teaching useless information, the government can destroy independent thought and make people the "gears of society" (this is why the dress code is so strict and anything the slightest bit remote/independent/outstanding is not allowed). The government thinks that people will fuction better in society if they are taught not to think. This only benefits the few people who are bosses and ironicly independent thinkers. Think about it, every person who sits at a cubicle all day along with 200 other people in their cubicles don't even understand why they are doing what their bosses tell them. They just understand that to get payed they must do what the boss tells them even if they do not understand why this has ALOT to do with grades.you are given an assignment of which its productive purpose does not appear to exsist and which you do not understand and told that you must get a good grade no questions asked. an A represents a good pay check, a B represents a all right pay check and a C represents a not so good pay check etc, F meaning hobo. Unfortunatly people who got A's all their life are only going to be middleclass because they gave in to not thinking for themselves. so at the end of the day when 200 people turn in their work, it all fits together making a functioning company. School only teaches people to be functioning parts of society. Hell with florescent lighting. see hell or brainwash.

2.School (skule) verb
To school someone is to give a person a lesson in something.
1.Learn and memorize the anatomy of a single celled organism found in a swamp= succeed in life.

2.Dude i just schooled you.
by Jack John Hagen September 27, 2005

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