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The act of having sex with a fat girl who's fanny flaps resemble the tail fin of a diving humpback whale.
"I don't understand why the Japanese like whaling so much. Have they got no taste?"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
Based on the popular board game, this phrase is used when an individual prickteases a group of fat girls who are hungry for cock to the point that they will gobble the individual's genitalia with wide mouthed precision if they get within close proximity. Obviously this is done for the amusement of the individual but if care is not taken, it can lead to drastic consequences.
"The sign reads 'Don't feed the hungry hippos'.. fuck it, let's taunt the fat fuckers anyway, they can't catch us"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
The plainest most boring snatch you could ever set eyes on. After five mins of cunnilingus you feel like you need to change the curtains.
"It was a case of magnolia minge, and I'm talking matt coated, there was no sign of gloss"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
A common term for a hucknall girl that everyone's had a piece of. Different to most other ' village bicycles' as the analogy is based on the penny farthing, a 'bike' that stands out from all other 'bikes'. In other words a hideous slag that whores herself out to anyone and everyone to appease her small minded insecurities.
"Did you get your end away last night?"

"Yeah of course. Got myself a piece of that hucknall farthing"

"Best get yourself down that clinic tomorrow then son"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
Among the arty bohemian circles, orienteering became an obsolete practice as it was considered too working class. Therefore a new form was arranged after several meetings held at Tate Modern which involved leading youngsters through the woods to a maze of phallic topiery where they were never seen again. What happened to them one can only imagine, as it occured during the Briggsy era of modern art where rabid dwarves roamed freely in woods and commons.
If you ever go orienteering and come across any fanny privet or helmet hedges, you know you've been tricked into briggsyenteering.. get out of there as fast as you can..
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
The term for mentally challenged lager louts that trawl the streets on a saturday night looking to catch the easiest fish and unknowing surprise of saltwater crabs. In this field, catching the biggest fish is not usually regarded as an achievement.
"Did you see the trawlermen move in on that whale? disgusting.."
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
The result of hacking a hedge into a minge like structure using phallic topiery skills.

Can also be the terminology of a lady's thick chuff hair being so dense that it forms a defensive jizz barrier.
"Her fanny privet was so thick it could have thatched Shakespeare's roof"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
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