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A Syrian Jew is a blanket term for Jews whose ancestors come from a few different Middle-Eastern countries (Most Noteably Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt). They are a very tight knit bunch that has settled mostly in the New York and New Jersey Areas (Brooklyn has the highest concentration). Some people might choose to bring up a stereotypical obsession with wealth and extravangance that some of them have, but that is not all of them and there is more. The people from this community may have there flaws (as do most) and the tightness of the community causes most every move to be watched under a microscope, but there are plenty of positives. The Syrian Jews are very charitable and very family oriented. When one person falls on hard times they all band together to help them out. The community is getting larger and larger but they still have a sense of togetherness that few communities are ever able to achieve.
Jack: Where are you headed today Carol.

Carol: To the Basketball Tournament to benefit the needy.

Jack: Wasn't there one last week?

Carol: When you're a Syrian Jew, the charitable functions never seem to end, but I kind of like it that way.
by Jack Jackerson August 30, 2006

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