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1. Male sex organ.

2. Female sex organ.

3. A incredibly stupid person.

Originated in the Bay Area. YEEEE!!!!!!!
1. Your mom was all up on my cheever last night without pay.

2. I bet your mom's cheever is hella baggy.

3. I can't believe you don't know the answer, you're such a cheever, get out of my face before I cheever slap you!
by Jack Hoff March 20, 2006
A fat teacher that like's rapeing little children. He punishes them so he can see them after school.
The teacher at td baker
by Jack Hoff November 12, 2003
a person who enjoys the cock.
"you're such a cockmonger, stop sucking so hard."
by Jack Hoff September 15, 2003
A homosexual retard who has cyber sex with fictional women and a smelly room. Oh ya and has lousy hygiene.
by Jack Hoff June 23, 2003
1. When you kill a homeless person, then eat holes in it's dead body, then having sex with them.

2. to get turned on by people without homes, wether it be the arousing smell, or the fine taste in clothing.
"I invited this hobo over to my house last night. We had sex. I think im a hobosexual."
by Jack Hoff September 15, 2003
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