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Banda is a slang word in Oriya, the principal language of east Indian state of Odisha. Banda means penis.
Pela ki janila gehiba maza,
Sabu maza nela se Banda raja.
It was the giant cock which actually hijacked the pleasure of sex, while the two testicles became mere onlooker.

Banda is also used in a mildly offensive way & has several colloquial uses as follows.
Mu Taku Banda Bala re khatiri karena.
(I don't care him even for a strand of my pubic hair.)

Tu Banda ta janichhu.
(You don't know anything about this.)

Tu k'ana mo Banda mundi?
(Are you so important a person as you think?)

Alo lo Naba Nabina,
Mo Banda Pela ku ana.
Jadi Tu karibu mana
Fatei debi to dana.
by Jack DeSilva January 01, 2013
Chhodiba is a slang word in Oriya language, the principal language of the east Indian State of Odisha.

"Chhodiba" means
i) to push back the foreskin of one's penis so as to show off the tip of the penis.

ii) It also means to show off one's teeth or grin in a foolish way.
Chhodiba & its derivatives have the following colloquial uses in Oriya language.

Daanta Chhodiba Mo prasnara uttara nuhan. Uttar jadi na janichu, kaha Mu janini.
(Grinning is not the answer to my question. If you don't know the answer, better say I don't know.)

Kanhiki Mo aagare Chhodi modi hauchu kahilu?
(Why do you behave in a way that is so disgusting to me?)

While expressing irritation or mild anger- Ede Gihaliyata, Sate jemiti sabu Chhodi pakeibu!)
(You proclaim yourself as a big fucker; But I am doubtful about you virility.

Emitia Chhoda muhaan loka Mu dekhini.
(He has such a repulsive face I've never seen before.)
by Jack DeSilva March 25, 2013
Chodiba or Chodana is a slang word in Oriya language largely spoken in the east Indian state of Odisha. Chodiba or Chodana means to fuck or screw or to have sex.
Nirbala Golapi Bia Chodiba ku Mote bhala lage
(I love to fuck hairless, pink & tight pussy.)

Ye jou hemala raati,
Premika jaichi Videsha ku Mora,
Ta Banda ku jhure Mu niti,

Ta Banda jadi pashe tha'nta
Rati sara khali chodiba huanta
Bia kete khushi ha'nta!

(In this chilly winter night,
My lover is abroad and
My Pussy constantly pines for his huge Cock.
If he were here,
He would fuck me the whole night
And my Pussy would be in seventh heaven!)

Chidiba ku ichha Namita Bia,
Se Bia katha bhabi Banda Mo Thia.
by Jack DeSilva March 27, 2013

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