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Hendrix never learned to read or write music, played left-handed on a right-hand necked guitar, and is indeed known for the breakthrough concert at Monterey, 1967, where he is seen trying to urge the flames higher from his flaming guitar, helped with a little Ronsonol lighter fluid. They say Jimi never put his guitar down, and even took it into the bathroom with him. Legend has it that he played a London night club where sat The Who's Pete Townshend, front row. Jimi leaned into the table from the stage and wailed lightning from his throbbing Stratocaster while Pete visibly paled; Jimi laughed and played on. The British Invasion was over, and once again, they lost.

Unfortunately, one of the things about being Hendrix was that everyone - tout le monde - wanted to "get stoned with Jimi" or at the very least get Jimi stoned. Many was the time that a tab of this or a splash of that entered his body unannounced. And if you don't know what kissing the sky is, you have not been experienced.
jimi is jimi. there are no examples.
by Jack DeLand January 30, 2005

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