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1 definition by Jack Daniels III

Similar to a 'job' or 'work'... Usually means that you are stuck at the same pay level that you start with. No chance for advancement and someone else will pass you for a promotion even if they are less qualified as long as they know the right people (Or have the right parents/family members). Also usually requires a piece of paper that you spent thousands of dollars on which you will never make back. The only people that will give this a thumbs down are people that had their 'education' paid for by their rich parents... They are very defensive when it comes to the truth being spoken out loud... People screw people over to get rich, that is how it works...
Jack: Hey Daniel, what have you been doing with your life lately?
Daniel: Oh you know... Doing the career thing. (Usually means giving up your soul and putting up with a tyrants bullshit just to pay rent because things were never handed to you for free...)
by Jack Daniels III June 20, 2007
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