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2 definitions by Jack Caulfield

1.) A term used to express anything you like: Invented by Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame.
2.) One half of the popular alias held by famoust explorer Adam Haxell: Because of his immmense fame, Adam had to create an alter-ego in order to avoid detection from the world's media. The name he arrived at... Fransisco Slappywag
1.) "More beer please, you slappwag."
2.) "Excuse me can I get a room? The name? Fransisco Slappywag."
by Jack Caulfield December 25, 2004
45 24
The art of scoodin one's rear end. Popularised by the pop group Steps in their monster hit "5, 6, 7, 8" it is a dance move found in line dancing. It involves sliding from left to right in a provocative manner whille shaking your rump.
"My bootscoodin' baby's driving me crazy!"
by Jack Caulfield December 23, 2004
3 5