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4 definitions by Jack Carol

slang for Express mart, a kwiki mart style store by the handball courts in miller place, they sell glass pipes and beer and blunts, as well as a fine array of porno and cigarette lighters, munchie foods, handballs, and various doodads that an intoxicated person might be compelled to buy.
"meet me at e-mart, we'll grab a blunt and go blaze it at the handball courts in my car
by jack carol December 09, 2005
an advertisment which makes me want to pawn my television and buy meth for your grandma -
"text 879 for the crunk crown bling"
by Jack Carol April 09, 2005
Smacking a ho really hard, comes from a combination of the words ho and slappin'. this word is wells's fault.
Yesterday, Trixy wouldn't pay me my money so i had to be slohappen da bitch
by Jack Carol April 09, 2005
a gathering point for wiggers and potheads in miller place near e-mart, despite its notoriety for being a common hang out spot many still continue to drink and smoke herb there, while playing handball.
"meet me at the handball courts, we'll grab a blunt at e-mart and go blaze in my car, then i'll school you at some handball bitch"
by jack carol December 09, 2005