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A highly degrading sexual act in which a man withdraws his penis from a female's anus and wipes fecal matter on her face drawing a beard, followed by smashing her face in a plate nachos covered with the following condiments: cheese, salsa and sour cream.
I gave that cunt a sneaky cuban last night.
by Jack Brown July 01, 2006
a round fat object which is very peculiar it hobbles around and has a raging temper it also likes to show it backside off frequently. It is very fat and likes eating cake and pies and the odd human
gangsta1: quick run hingle is chasing after us blud manz is gonna munch us up

gangsta2: ah running is long ting blud low dat

gangsta1: hey manz is gna eat us tho ahhhh suit ur self its every manz 4 himself
by jack brown May 08, 2007
The act of performing oral sex on a transexual without the knowlegde that "she" use to be a "he".
He was so horny, he pulled a dirty chrissy in the champagne room, what a perv.
by Jack Brown March 05, 2006

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