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It is derrived from the New Zealand Colony of "Danz"
The Translation into the native language is "Nohara"
In english meaning
"One who has just recently taken the first steps into womanship"
This is usually done by the woman being pregnant, or a seed being planted in them, from a person in the "Danz" Maori tribe. Unfortunately, lots of these people were struck with STD's, such as "syphilis" and non-STD's like leprosy. After possibly 500 years, both tribes of "Nora" (Nohara)
And Danz (translation; helms.) died.
From many STD's. It is the only known case of New Zealand tribe dying from STD's.
The Nora'n tribe was popped by danz
Nohara Urgam Flordai cherry popido helms.
by Jack Braddy January 23, 2008

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