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A rat stash is a very thin and broken pathetic excuse for a mustache that certain individuals grow in a feeble attempt to look older while in reality it hinders ones appearance and makes them look dumber than they already do. People that possess them are usually 15 - 18 year old Caucasian kids that weigh under 140 lbs and act try to act like and dress like someone from a ghetto or low income neighborhood when in reality they grew up in a middle to upper middle class suburb (A.K.A. Wigger). Rat stash's can be found prominently in the South Philadelphia / Delaware County, PA area as well as their surrounding areas (New Jersey, Newark DE, Marcus Hook, etc).
Look at that punk ass wigger looking kid getting on the R2 to Marcus Hook! He has a rat stash!
by Jack Bell November 30, 2006
A logical fallacy that presents itself when someone incorrectly assumes that what caused an issue or problem with something mechanical, technical, or electronic (computers) was the result of whatever was changed last even though it is purely coincidental. This fallacy is commonly recognized by anyone from Auto Mechanics to IT Professionals due to the widespread decrease of brain capacity among humans in the world and corporate workforce today.
User: Yesterday you cleared my IE cache and now my emails are missing. Since that was the last thing that changed, you are automatically at fault.

IT Person: What I did has nothing to do with your emails missing; you probably deleted them or changed your view.

User: Nope, you are at fault, I'm calling your boss.

IT Person: (Thinks to him or herself) This is that flawed last thing changed logic. What a moron.
by Jack Bell November 11, 2009
A person that has 80% of their head up their ass... Often used on the road to refer to people driving on I476 or I76 in the Philadelphia region because of their lack of ability to merge onto a moving highway. Also used to describe all of New Jersey's drivers... They cause traffic jams because they apply the brakes instead of gas when trying to merge onto a fast moving highway thus causing accidents, or making everyone stop causing a chain reaction traffic jam that doesn't end until sometime around 7:30pm... These roads would otherwise be clear if these people had the ability to access the other 80%.

Also used to describe everyone that drives to the beach on late friday afternoons during rush hour.
Driver in front: "Hey, look at me. I think I'm a safe driver because I go 35MPH to merge onto a highway that has an average speed of 75MPH!"

Smart Driver stuck behind: "What a fucking twenty percenter. Now none of us can merge smoothly."
by Jack Bell June 04, 2007
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