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one who is pale

ghost like; albino

One with translucent skin and red eyes.
"HEY MAEVE! keep it down in there...your 12,000 brothers and sisters are trying to sleep in that lab, too."
by Jack December 27, 2004
meaty pussy
damn.....her meat wallet smelled like meat loaf
by jack January 28, 2003
1. A dumbass person who annoys everyone by being stupid and bugging the hell out of them.

2. Doing something, very, very dumb
1. OMG! Theres Irvin! Beat him with sticks!

2. Dude, don't pull an Irvin
by JACK January 24, 2005
Refers to the act of pooping, specifically a turd that makes contact with the bowl from back to front - similar to the action of laying sewer pipe.
"I hadn't shit in three days so I really needed to lay pipe."
by Jack December 23, 2004
Old Europe, Bold Europe: home of progressive libralism, who brought such concepts as 'fairness', 'socialism', 'left wing', and 'nice' to the world.

Economically weak because the people tend to prefer to enjoy themselves rather than work 65 hours a week just to feed themselves when they cud b doing fun stuff. And because they dont employ kids on slave-labour wage rates.

Strongest peoples of the world - what other continent could be completly destroyed by 1918, be the most powerful in the world again by 1939, and turn a backwards peasant autocracy in2 1 of the world superpowers over 20 years?

Unfortunate fathers of fascism. Also its destroyers.

Give every1 a chance through redistributive effects, causing some neofascist CEOs to move to the US and some others to take their factories to india.

Eastern European birds ARE the best in the world... especially solvakians =)

have high fuel, cigarette, and alcohol prices because the government tries to limit the usage of these BAD substances through high taxes.

oh btw. Budweiser did actually come from Europe origionally... 'Bud Veiser'!! Czech fgs! not that they're proud of it. Kozel is like 10x betta.

South America has evolved upon similar lines, although the social development is at the stage that Europe was reaching in the early 1900s, characterised by class stuggle and rapid shifts to the far left. Hopefully they will succeed where we failed and lead to a democratic worker's republic, kickstarting the global prolatarian revolution.

"I think there's a better way to solve problems than fighting"

"Oh, you're European right?"
by jack June 19, 2003
A guy, a friend.
I came down wit' my nigga and we hung out.
by Jack October 07, 2003
pwns is just something someone made up.
pwn means to get a head shot in a game like counter strike.
Joo just got pwned bitch!!
by jack February 20, 2005

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