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A hybrid of house music that originated in Detroit. It started to became popular in Europe in 1987-1988. It often used the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and had a 4/4 house beat. Many other styles such as Trance, Hardcore, and Gabber have evolved from Acid House.

It is said that the group Psychic TV first used the term "Acid House."
Many ravers don't realize that Trance music is an evolved version of Acid House.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
Derogatory term for some one who is both black and white. Mullato.
That checker kid's mom is white.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
A scratch technique invented in 1991 by Seattle's rave dj, DJ Falix. It sounds similar to a skribble, but can be used with music at higher BPM's, such as techno and house music. Unlike the standard skribble technique, the fader or transformer is used with normally two cuts per dribble.
Techno DJ's that can't reverse dribble next to a flare suck.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
A term for someone who has many zits or pimples on their face.
Use some soap, zitface!
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
The buttocks indent in tight pants of someone who has a lot of butt sex.
That guy in leather pants sure has a deep swoosh.
by Jack Batemaster January 09, 2004
Something cool, rad. The shit.
That antique Pontarlier glass is the boat!
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
A person who has taken so many drugs, they are now classifed by the state as retarded. A burn-out.
If you keep smoking so much crack, you'll become a scherb.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
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